Why EVS? Why Gandia?

pierwszeI have started with these questions for myself and then we repeated them when we met in our flat – 5th February 2017 – Eva from Cyprus, Ilker from Turkey, and me – Paullina from Poland. 3 EVS volunteers for the next 10 months. Let it be 🙂

Different stories brought us to the same point or maybe to a question mark: why? We will be answearing it all year long. And knowing more.

Why Gandia? Because I felt home here. Few months before, when I joined Permaworking project and when I met Ion who coordinate both – our EVS and co-working, co-living space on a beach. There in October 2016 we spoke about EVS, he placed me in project application and I was keeping my hope to return and get involved in XERACION environmental and social projects.

Because I felt in love in off-season beach and slow, playful town (and with other places around I want to visit now!). In its no need to run (except along the shore) and in Spanish that I barely understood but I felt what I heard about: it is a language of a heart. So I want to learn that!

And why EVS? Do You know, what it is? Check all the chances it gives. And ask yourself, why you are not here. Not yet? So when?

My very important reason to do EVS now is fact that I just turned 30. And I was thinking about EVS since 5 years. What else could I do? A lot!

Get married, give birth, get a job… Get fired, break up or change my mind again… Maybe become a millionaire? And EVS only this year! – as a last chance before I turn 31. And still I will have all this options I put aside now – to join Gandia team. These and dozens more.

Because I trust EVS time opens opportunities and minds. Let’s see…


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