learning from mistakes – as a child

IMG_20170209_143607Why we have to spell „v” as „b” and for what Spanish has 3 types of „be” (“ser”, “eres” and “hay”)? – it’s our “to be or not to be” understood here. Is that what You mean? I hear many times and seeing a smile on a face of those who ask, I know – another mistake. Yes! – another learning point 😉

Learning from mistakes really works! Especially when people around still try to understand and are aware that their own language can be tricky. And because I repeat the same error very rarely. Spanish is so diverse, I’d love to play with it more – in purpose, not by chance.


Spanish is 3rd foreign language that I learn. With English and Russian that I started in a primary school was easier – or just different. Now is more challenging, sometimes I feel as a child who slowly absorb what is spoken around… The fastest the bad words 😉

What differ me from child is older mind that sometimes get frustrated when thoughts cannot be expressed. I talked with Eva and she has the same. In our countries we were word-wizards, PR ladies and now we landed in a kindergarten, so… let’s play!


What helps is smile, taking time and taking into consideration that language is not always step by step experience. Sometimes I feel I understand a lot, another day almost nothing (how come?) and then – after let’s say a month – it’s a great leap.

What I take from a child I was is remembering that drawing and creating songs with words that are difficult to memorize still works. Try!

And don’t be afraid of making mistakes – take them easy. Ilker who give us classes repeats it many times. And then he looks on us very seriously as good teacher should 😉 Thanks him for that!


Instead of speaking about language barrier I prefer to see my basic Spanish as a chance to get involved first on different ways – observing more, speaking less and trusting that things can be understood itself, out of language. They do.

Do You know that verbal communicates are just 7% of who we are and how we communicate?


Together with a Spanish that is growing, my English has chances to bloom. I start seeing it as my strongest communication tool (together with dance, that luckily don’t need words). From there idea of this blog comes to my mind – to share with those who looks for simmilar way, who are on trail of EVS.

If you cannot express yourself in one language, try another and remember you still have dozen more. Apart from that learn new words every evening so one day they will be made up in whole. Like a puzzle.


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