why EVS is good for creativity?

IMG_20170311_114250EVS is good for creativity because it leaves a time and space for… doing nothing (read on to don’t get me wrong 😉 If only You let for that. What is not always easy… because EVS is as well a time of opportunities. How to recognize which belongs to You and when is better to let them go? Go with a flow! And first: understand how flow (and creativity!) works.


Go on a walk by the sea and observe waves (my favourite “doing nothing” task) – if any of them is high all the time? Why not? And what it could mean in the context of creativity?

Flow, has an inside cycle of raising, pick, falling and… return, recharge, regain – these are 4 phases of creativity (that I will soon describe more). And for now: focus on a question – for a while. On any question that stands before creative process – especially on those two: WHAT? And: HOW?

And then – live a time and space for them! To help them rise and reach a top. And then – stop! Let your thoughts and brain for falling and crashing a shore. Slow down before is to fast and… to late.


Imagine your brain as an always busy computer, working on plenty (aware and not aware) processes all the time. Every question, topic or task is an request you tape inside your brain. And guess what? As in life – when You very need to do something very quick, when pressure of time and stress appears – your computer is crashed. Your brain is not creative anymore. Than what?

Or even better: what before? That will bring us to an answer for a question: What for we need to do nothing?


By simply doing nothing (what is a big topic of how to keep a brain relaxed) we let our ideas evolve and grow out of our mind control and orders that are limiting creativity.

Learning by doing, in my last case, was creating an ideas for a youth exchange – for a while in a group, than on my own. I wanted knowing now, so nothing but frustration appears. And then I took a bike and went to watch a sea. Knowing that ideas will come in their time.

The way we work while EVS let me for that. And I let myself for not-knowing and not judging. Simply putting a questions in my mind and then – letting them go. What means they could dive deeper into creativity, unconscious source and meet to me – wave after wave.


It is enough to put a question or an idea – as a starting point, and then let them go and grow for a while – without pushing ourselves to knowing now.

Knowing now gives us only an old, automatic ideas and responses. It remains me a school way, where we are programed to give immediate, easy answers. Those who give them faster – got good grades. And then, sometimes, they got a good jobs as well. And maybe they are a good, creative employees for a while – till a moment all learned structures were over or time-task pressure was to strong.

And then they are many time crashed and burned out – sometimes even before their 30. So then they can join EVS – to see that other methods may works better…


While my EVS I cure from remains of an old and “the only” way of thinking about work and employability – without “I have to”, boredom and stress. I also discover a new ways of time and creativity management and Spanish culture and style is very supportive here!

A burnout case is luckily not mine. Not now. It was – 2 years ago when I quitted second office job, guided by feeling and trust that work can by more interesting and don’t need to overuse my creative potential.


If creativity is so needed in a work environment why it is not properly protected and respected? And how to do so?

That’s my question for now and I feel EVS is giving me enough time, space and waves to meet a new answers and become a fruitful, grateful entrepreneur who support those who seek for change.


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