bigger picture – EVS galaxy

pampelunaBack from on-arrival training, seeing EVS in a bigger frame of common experience and human union. And knowing that still – every single EVS is a galaxy – with different planets and forces, with or without gravity. Therefore for some of us it’s a lesson of flying and for others – time to define gravity or touch a ground. What for, how and why?


It was inspiring to meet others who decided to dedicate their time for EVS. To meet their visions, expectations and fears – to remember that it’s useful to keep a shadow close. Because learning starts out of comfort zone and sometimes sounds like… panic!

It was important to see US – in some common points – to keep this question: What make us?

On EVS and in EU. And what I can do to make it happen and keep it real? A human union and communication above political systems and media debate. What for, how and why?


What is EU? Better not to ask if you don’t want to get burned by boiling thoughts… Or maybe keep on asking? – facilitating space for… warm replies. For more replies. For deeper ones.

Seeing shadows presented while our discussion I am grateful for being in EVS process, in EU frame – on a way to my answers what is an active citizenship and leadership – in action and in reflection.


While on-arrival training I saw more about EVS as a learning process. Discussing some main objectives of our volunteer services, I realized on how many ways and through how many doors we can get to: the end, to the point or wherever we can go. Starting from question: What for, how and why? Shaping know-how.

This meeting gave me a lot of thoughts that I consider as seeds. And now, before putting them into ground, before dedicating them space, I’m giving a time to myself – to feel which of them are mine. Stop to see. Happy to be back in Gandia 🙂


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