just bike – pure JOY

Gandia is good for biking. Biking is so good! Don’t You remember? It is a first memory of  a pure joy moment here – when in a third day we were just biking at night down the main old town street. And it was just great – biking itself. Just biking.


2 month of our being here are passing by. So I care to commemorate those moment – to write it down and keep it close. Because it says a lot about EVS spirit – when the joy is back. Sometimes. And sometimes is enough.


It is like a ritual – no matter what I had in mind, I can bike through – after 20 minutes of biking and 20 minutes of walking an image is clear and fresh again – with less questions about then, with more NOW. Maybe because of sun. That’s a lot.

Having that as an starting point cut a lot of doubts I get used to have before.

Now pure joy of some days wakes me up at 9 am or keep me awake till 6 am – in a FLOW state of doing sth that I lately discover as curious. CURIOSITY is back!


In Spain! So don’t complain it’s colder than yesterday and windy. It’s still +15 and more. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones… And some – in what I trust – are milestones, even if rising them is very heavy – or maybe because of that.


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