learning process – gratitude and assertivness

img_20170309_114852.jpgEVS is a process – a learning one, designed by its frames and volunteers. It gaves me a chance to plan my experience. It shapes my active attiude and understanding that life is a learning process itself. So what do I learn? When? And how?


Once a month I look back to “Cuaderno de aprendizaje SVE” – it’s a tool given to us on our on-arrival training – to support our reflection time, to help us see what is happening. Especially when happens a lot. When days become warmer and slower. And when it’s a lot to do.

Then I like to check: Do I really do what I want/need/planned? “No” may means that my ideas has changed – what happens, often for better. Am I open for a change and flow? Why “Yes”? Why “No”?

I’m learning to navigate. I am learning my needs – what makes my “YES!” and how to say “no”. I am learning by doing what assertiveness is. That being clear leads me further and better than I could have planned. Therefore I am happy and grateful.


Whenever I start having doubts and putting lights on negative side of things – I check how my gratitude level: how it looks like?

I have a decision to keep gratitude high – to not take reality as granted. To co-create and keep my focus on being here and now. On listening to emotions and reacting on their message.

First months of my EVS gave ma chance to look closer and softer on myself, my emotions, plans and decisions – to slow down, take my time and take life easier – as it is. Amazing!


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