coaching an artist within

First, as a personal project, I wanted to offer a free art coaching sessions – to creators who are in doubts and sabotaging their creative processes. Because that’s something I know and went through – on my way to become a creativity coach (first for my own!)

Now I see this will come itself – it is coming: people who are looking for that kind of help appear on my way anyway. So what else I can do? And what do I WANT – what do I FEEL to do?



Being a coach for an artist within me I see that personal project – to be really mine, needs to start from… feeling not thinking.

Because what I know is not personal – it is accessible knowledge. Personal is what I feel – a process I walk through while EVS. This is interesting to observe and… share.


Day by day – in a form of collage-diary, because collage is with me for a while – I am giving workshop about creating maps of dreams and it’s a form very close to how I see reality – as a collage.

What’s more – collage supports recycling and there meet what Xeracion do!

So here I start – 6th May 2017 r. And here I am commited to this process – for the next 30 days. To let ideas and expression grow into my personal project.


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