personal project – in EVS (and art!)

IMG_20170522_164526_474I’m just taking this great opportunity of making my personal project (one part of EVS experience and piece of art) as personal as possible – in a form of visual-collages diary that includes 30 days starting from 6th May 2017. Writing this I’m just in the middle – seeing a bit where it’s lead me… And keeping positive discipline of everyday art ritual – cutting, painting and connecting whatever is coming. A lot!

Idea for doing diary-collages comes to me together with a question: “What I really want to do?” No: “What I can do?” nor “What I’m good in?” No: “What would help others?” but: “How helping myself and my needs I can serve others?”

This two together – helping myself in service of others – is what a volunteering (and art!) means for me. Where personal meets common. And it works!


Volunteering starts for me from… personal project. As all good project starts with personal or group (common!) vision – with feeding and meeting needs. First in me – knowing that from there energy for an action and facilitation comes. So I need it firs.

Volunteering and art can go very together. Both have potential to multiple and give energy back – to audience (participants) and to creator (facilitator). That’s how circle of creativity works.



If I would not feel this energy, without having that drive – it could be another workshop, event, exhibition, action – something that happen and pass by – away from a chance for a change or transformation. Personal and/or common. Let’s see where it goes.

Seeing art both as a way and as a tool helps me to keep discipline of creating and walking with curiosity – through questions and doubts: Is that really what I want to do?

Yes – it is my way for now. At least 14 days more.



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