re-write your identity

p3I ask people who never wrote poem to do so in 10 minutes and they do. These dozen lines cover much more then formal presentation of nationality and education. You start from: I was born a… then you select creature. It can be animal/cartoon hero, object or plant.

What first come to one’s mind is the most important. For now. Tomorrow You can change – as many times as You wish. So… I was born a fish. With golden skin and one big dream…


The way I support creativity has it name and story. PRZETWORY poetyckie (ang. poetry PRESERVES) is a creative writing workshop I designed in 2011 and run in many Polish libraries and schools. In 2016 they were particularly fruitful – lasted more than 100 hours and involved over 150 people. Check it and like it here. 

Now PRESERVES taste is very diverse. I serve them while trainings I’m visiting to help or after volunteers lunch. Try! It’s good self-reflection tool and ice-breaker.

It will take You up to 10 minutes. Start now and send me what you have done. Bon appetit!

I was born a(choose your creature)

(describe your creature)

I wanted to become a… (choose and describe another one)

then I wanted to be… (and one more)

I wanted to be a…       (one more?)

but I was told … NO

(and what was your reaction?)


The original version is a poem by the Polish poet Tadeusz Różewicz – here a fragment in my translation into English:

I was born a rhinoceros

with thick skin and a horn on my nose

I wanted to become a butterly

but I was told

I have to be a rhinoceros

then I wanted to be

a songbird a stork

but I was told it wasn’t possible

I asked why – the answer was

because you’re a rhinoceros

I wanted to be a monkey

even a parrot!

but I was told … NO



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