EVS mid-term evaluation

mid term

How many EVS volunteers are in Spain right now? Hundred or more? More than sixty of us is just in the middle of the way – invited to reflect on what came and what may be about to come. What do we want and what do we live? Freeze-frame on Malaga beach and in Mollina while 5 days mid-term evaluation training.


Too hot! – I could say keeping weather jokes mood. And very fast, listening other projects forecast and stories, re-focus on gratitude for where and with whom I am. It is nicely warm – 28 degrees with a little clouds. What do they mean? Spanish grammar challenge – going another level up and questions that start to appear just in the middle of clear blue sky: What next?

And first to the point: What now?


Have you ever reflect what is the impact of your EVS? Keep in mind EVS is not only a project you are working on while volunteering in Your organization. It is your all experience. Therefore your impact reach further than You could assume.

What is the impact of what You do and do not? This question makes sense and guide into observation how far interconnected we are. And how impactful!


Studding Spanish – from zero and mistakes to communicative level and… mistakes taught me first of all daring to commit them while speaking and trying. It’s not a shame – it is a brave way whose dynamics translates into all life areas. And once I’ve learned to learn through mistakes – I am free in learning. I am free to speak!

And I realized this freedom of mine had impact on my Spanish friends’ English communication. Little by little while I speak more and more Spanish they dare to speak more and more English. And we become equal in teaching roles – they’ve been teaching me so now I can teach them back. Vale? OK!



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