Few words and tips on day by day creative process

Learning by doing works not only in informal education but as well in creative re-education each of us can take in own hands by… simply (and when needed – through obstacles) creating. Day by day!


I got inspired by two amazing authors and books “The Artist Way” and “The Creativity Creativity” – both underline how important is dedicating and taking time to create. Becoming an everyday creative person awake a power that open up our imagination, brain and hearts capacities. Try!


Rituals that involve and support everyday creativity is the best gift You can give yourself and your community. Maybe you can try I out while your EVS? – if it’s now. And if it’s not – start as soon as possible, no later than… tomorrow.

Postponing is one of blockage that everyday art practice help to remove from Your behaviours.

Note that it will bring back a lot of joy you could forget You have. Those one that made you playing and being in now when you were a child. From where your curiosity and energy come.


When I decided to start doing collage and keep it for the next 30 days (in a visual diary form) I simply enjoyed a moment of doing it. And then I realized it takes time! Hour, sometimes two. Because of enjoying process, I was forgetting time.

Being immersed in creation was so fulfilling that I decide to organize my life around this for a month.

Of course there were days that busy (just a few) in which collage of yesterday was done in a next day morning. In this case a collage of this day still was done – by the evening. I was doing my best not to break a chain of creativity. And I am very grateful to myself for that.



Being in the middle of process, after 15 or 20 days, I realized that it is not only satisfying but also inspiring – to observe own process and how my art was unfolding. Some elements remained other and there was a play between them.

Some symbols where repeated and some appears to surprise and guide me. Now – with a more than 3 months perspective – I am still surprised by message of collages. It means a process last more than creation.


Collage in its form is like a sack with many treasures and toys. Something appear in mind and take a visual or verbal form. Something new –yet not explored – appears and starts a time of new investigation.

The more regular and daily is my art practice – the better creative and psychological effects.

I feel alive, curious and ready to create. Not only in art but also in life – it is the same energy and methods to learn and use in both. Learning by doing. What I love!



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