Let’s write a youth exchange!

Ideas were flying around  since I started putting down my ideas (before April deadline) and decided to wait. Feeling that it’s not yet what I mean and I need somebody to do it with me… I simply discover what I want to do (what is a very highlight of my EVS experience) – as a creativity coach and artist. Not as a coordinator or exchange leader – it’s not my game.

LUZ y FLOW - I am a creativity coach.jpg

And then – in the middle of September I met Carlos and Cristina with whom we share dance and yoga passion and practice. And when it came to speaking about our youth exchange experiences – we decided to write one – together, now.Read More »


September – I’m in love ;)

September time is running wild and so good – when superhot is over, the weather finally remains what I consider summer and what give a chance to explore a bit more – also in daily hours. Therefore September was running in a rhythm of coming back to and falling in love with… Valencia! As well as in colors of indian summer – especially with its sea!


What I love in Valencia the most are bike paths so easily leading to the blue, great green parks, street art of Carmen, sweet cafes of Ruzafa and Benimaclet festivals as well as slow everyday life that is happening in this neighbourhood. The fact that all is in walking distance and vivid music life cannot be missed here too!Read More »

Collage neighbourhood of Carmen

Valencia is a place that definitely inspire creativity and I couldn’t imagine a better neighbourhood to set an exhibition of my collages than… Carmen. With its graffiti and colours, where locals mingle with tourists – it’s a collage itself. Have a look!


Note how many graffiti and street arts appears here one on another in a maner that is typical for creating collage. Who knows if this “meetings” of another layers of papers, images and informations do not show a hidden message? Or at least limitless opportunities to get inspired, involved and courious.Read More »

Collective collage – let’s co-create!


Doing or perceiving art is a very personal practice. In the same time what we think and imagine comes not only form our brains but also from a place that psychologist C. G. Jung called collective imagination. To where all of us may have the same access… Getting curious?

Let’s reverse the way we get use to thing – let’s co-create together to see what it can brings. Wonders – and more. Join us! 🙂

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Few words and tips on day by day creative process

Learning by doing works not only in informal education but as well in creative re-education each of us can take in own hands by… simply (and when needed – through obstacles) creating. Day by day!


I got inspired by two amazing authors and books “The Artist Way” and “The Creativity Creativity” – both underline how important is dedicating and taking time to create. Becoming an everyday creative person awake a power that open up our imagination, brain and hearts capacities. Try!Read More »

re-write your identity

p3I ask people who never wrote poem to do so in 10 minutes and they do. These dozen lines cover much more then formal presentation of nationality and education. You start from: I was born a… then you select creature. It can be animal/cartoon hero, object or plant.

What first come to one’s mind is the most important. For now. Tomorrow You can change – as many times as You wish. So… I was born a fish. With golden skin and one big dream…


The way I support creativity has it name and story. PRZETWORY poetyckie (ang. poetry PRESERVES) is a creative writing workshop I designed in 2011 and run in many Polish libraries and schools. In 2016 they were particularly fruitful – lasted more than 100 hours and involved over 150 people. Check it and like it here. 

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