Collage y más – workshop and exhibition.

Our “Collective Collage” event gathered more than 20 people who speaks more than 5 languages and were co-creating collage about their understanding, what LOVE is.

collage workshop

We were doing – what means that given  inspiration was left behind and what has happen – is a magic of creative process, involvement and joy. Thank You for Your presence!Read More »


Collage neighbourhood of Carmen

Valencia is a place that definitely inspire creativity and I couldn’t imagine a better neighbourhood to set an exhibition of my collages than… Carmen. With its graffiti and colours, where locals mingle with tourists – it’s a collage itself. Have a look!


Note how many graffiti and street arts appears here one on another in a maner that is typical for creating collage. Who knows if this “meetings” of another layers of papers, images and informations do not show a hidden message? Or at least limitless opportunities to get inspired, involved and courious.Read More »

Collective collage – let’s co-create!


Doing or perceiving art is a very personal practice. In the same time what we think and imagine comes not only form our brains but also from a place that psychologist C. G. Jung called collective imagination. To where all of us may have the same access… Getting curious?

Let’s reverse the way we get use to thing – let’s co-create together to see what it can brings. Wonders – and more. Join us! 🙂

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Few words and tips on day by day creative process

Learning by doing works not only in informal education but as well in creative re-education each of us can take in own hands by… simply (and when needed – through obstacles) creating. Day by day!


I got inspired by two amazing authors and books “The Artist Way” and “The Creativity Creativity” – both underline how important is dedicating and taking time to create. Becoming an everyday creative person awake a power that open up our imagination, brain and hearts capacities. Try!Read More »

personal project – in EVS (and art!)

IMG_20170522_164526_474I’m just taking this great opportunity of making my personal project (one part of EVS experience and piece of art) as personal as possible – in a form of visual-collages diary that includes 30 days starting from 6th May 2017. Writing this I’m just in the middle – seeing a bit where it’s lead me… And keeping positive discipline of everyday art ritual – cutting, painting and connecting whatever is coming. A lot!

Idea for doing diary-collages comes to me together with a question: “What I really want to do?” No: “What I can do?” nor “What I’m good in?” No: “What would help others?” but: “How helping myself and my needs I can serve others?”Read More »

coaching an artist within

First, as a personal project, I wanted to offer a free art coaching sessions – to creators who are in doubts and sabotaging their creative processes. Because that’s something I know and went through – on my way to become a creativity coach (first for my own!)

Now I see this will come itself – it is coming: people who are looking for that kind of help appear on my way anyway. So what else I can do? And what do I WANT – what do I FEEL to do?


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