just bike – pure JOY

Gandia is good for biking. Biking is so good! Don’t You remember? It is a first memory of  a pure joy moment here – when in a third day we were just biking at night down the main old town street. And it was just great – biking itself. Just biking.


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siesta, fiesta and… Fallas!


Permaworking time on almost empty beach showed me a relaxing-siesta face of Spain – wide and blue – that one I felt in love with. How about fire? Fallas! – You have to see that! To understand that rising sun is celebrated by both – those who enjoy slow life and go for a morning walk and those who slowly end last night fiesta – all year long. For them siesta has different taste… Perhaps.Read More »

Why EVS? Why Gandia?

pierwszeI have started with these questions for myself and then we repeated them when we met in our flat – 5th February 2017 – Eva from Cyprus, Ilker from Turkey, and me – Paullina from Poland. 3 EVS volunteers for the next 10 months. Let it be 🙂

Different stories brought us to the same point or maybe to a question mark: why? We will be answearing it all year long. And knowing more.

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