B2 learning focus

One of my strong objective for EVS was absorbing Spanish as much as it’s possible. So in February 2017, when we were noting down our focus points – with doubts and hopes I put: to achieve B2 level at the end of a project…


And what I do to make it true? There were months of great focus and weeks of total unfocus but luckily learning process is happening anyway. And I could say – I’m on B1 now Read More »


EVS mid-term evaluation

mid term

How many EVS volunteers are in Spain right now? Hundred or more? More than sixty of us is just in the middle of the way – invited to reflect on what came and what may be about to come. What do we want and what do we live? Freeze-frame on Malaga beach and in Mollina while 5 days mid-term evaluation training.Read More »

learning process – gratitude and assertivness

img_20170309_114852.jpgEVS is a process – a learning one, designed by its frames and volunteers. It gaves me a chance to plan my experience. It shapes my active attiude and understanding that life is a learning process itself. So what do I learn? When? And how?


Once a month I look back to “Cuaderno de aprendizaje SVE” – it’s a tool given to us on our on-arrival training – to support our reflection time, Read More »

learning from mistakes – as a child

IMG_20170209_143607Why we have to spell „v” as „b” and for what Spanish has 3 types of „be” (“ser”, “eres” and “hay”)? – it’s our “to be or not to be” understood here. Is that what You mean? I hear many times and seeing a smile on a face of those who ask, I know – another mistake. Yes! – another learning point 😉

Learning from mistakes really works! Especially when people around still try to understand and are aware that their own language can be tricky. Read More »