last month and last day

Last day of my EVS – nothing more and nothing less to say than: Thank You. To all helping hands and those whom I could help. And to universe – as in a day when I got info, that our project got approved. So I wrote it on the sand again.

Last month of my EVS run fast and good. Since few months I was observing a dynamic that has roots in something I chose at the beginning – in 5 dixit cards that grabbed my attention in February 2017 and seemed to be a milestones of my inner process and volunteering time… Here they are:


I wanted to see the light of helping hands around and have a journey of self-discovery – upon my fears and doubts. It was a good ride 🙂 I wanted to learn Spanish and deepen what I knew so far – about psychology, coaching and other mysteries of life. Put it into practice. It works wonders! I wanted reconnect with myself – with my body and emotions, through yoga and dance. Very done! I wanted to reborn as a whole new universe – here by the sea. Who knows me see this changed. And I very wanted to know: what next in my life? what I really, very want to do with my NOW? I always new it is about writing… Being here I understood it’s  also about Spain. But how to make it happen?


During the past 10 month a lot of answers came, together with now-how about my future and work. In very last month of my EVS time I got a job offer I will start in 2018 r. Writing one. So it comes as well! And I can repeat what I heard at the beginning of a project: EVS is like a wave – onece you learn to go with this flow – life seems easier. Life knows. So I can be just grateful – to all beautiful people and to myself. For openness and trust we shared. Thank You very much!