What is EVS?

“EVS is an opportunity – USE IT!”, “It will change your life!”, “EVS people become my family.” – that’s what previous and first (2016) Gandia EVS volunteers – Svetlana, Alex and Gaia left as an inspiration and tips for us – Eva, Ilker and Paulina, who started EVS in February 2017. Welcome in our experience!

In a very short and objective way: EVS (European Voluntary Service) is a long term (from 2 up to 12 months) project focused on social/environmental/cultural topics funded by an EU inside Erasmus+ program. Every young person (from 18 to 30 in a moment of applying) can do it once in his/her life. And You can have it for free! Project money covers your flight tickets, accommodation, money for food and pocket money as well as language support you will receive from your hosting organization – in return for your voluntary work.

If you look for more formal details, visit this website and see what Erasmus+ is offering for youth. It’s a lot!

And this blog is about our personal, subjective experience of EVS project and our life in Spain focused on La Safor region so it will be about travelling too 🙂

It will many times starts from a useful key-words that name the next steps or milestones of EVS-er life and then wanders into our thoughts and reflections. Because we know that EVS can be something different for each life. And that we are responsible for our own experience. We hope you will find it inspiring. Enjoy!