Let’s write a youth exchange!

Ideas were flying around  since I started putting down my ideas (before April deadline) and decided to wait. Feeling that it’s not yet what I mean and I need somebody to do it with me… I simply discover what I want to do (what is a very highlight of my EVS experience) – as a creativity coach and artist. Not as a coordinator or exchange leader – it’s not my game.

LUZ y FLOW - I am a creativity coach.jpg

And then – in the middle of September I met Carlos and Cristina with whom we share dance and yoga passion and practice. And when it came to speaking about our youth exchange experiences – we decided to write one – together, now.Read More »



joga.jpgHow to promote Erasmus+ program? How to speak about EVS? How to make young people aware about youth exchanges opportunities? It is our first team task – brainstorming: HOW?

It is a crucial question, because in coaching “how?” is always connected with quality. And volunteering is for me a quality giving. Read More »